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    I’m breaking my day of silence because this is too much to ignore.  Many of you know that I appear somewhat regularly as a guest on Sirius/XM’s channel P.O.T.U.S.  The Huffington Post has a piece up now on the awesomeness of that station.  You should read the whole thing.  Here’s my favorite part:

    The centerpiece of the POTUS schedule is perhaps the best-kept secret in talk radio: A three-hour political talk program called “Stand-Up with Pete Dominick.” It is probably the only show of its kind: Real Centrist talk radio. It is truly the best political talk show on the air today.

    Dominick, a comedian and man-on-the-street for CNN, goes out of his way to place his XM/Sirius show on neutral ground, even setting aside his own perceptions and opinions. He catches and clamps down on spin from either side of a discussion. He generally gets a bit more thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion out of his program.

    This self-effacing talk show host checks up on facts, and does an extensive amount of reading on the topics featured daily on his show, and readily admits when he doesn’t know enough to have a take on something. He lets the listeners know what he knows, and what he doesn’t.

    Stand Up also encourages some of the most intelligent political discussion by listeners that you will find anywhere on American radio.

    Yes, Pete is a friend, and yes, I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.  His show, and many of the others on the station, really are the best thing on talk radio.  If you care at all about actual policy, and not just partisan spin, you really should give them a chance.

    • Dr. Carroll your segments are the best part of what I agree is a very good show. I learn so much about our very complex medical/ insurance systems from your appearances & blogs. As I explained when we spoke on Pete’s show today, this is a very personal issue for me as someone who has dealt with breast cancer & my autistic daughter’s seizure disorder w/ & w/o insurance. I am anxious to read your upcoming blogs about the reasons why our health care system costs so much. I don’t believe we will be able to get people on board for true health care reform until they understand how health care costs are effecting the economy & themselves- even if they are currently healthy. Today when you guys asked me how I am doing, I wish I had thought to say what is the truth-I’m ok, but worry daily about getting sick again because w/o insurance, it is unlikely the outcome will be as good. People have the mistaken idea there is a good safety net in place for healthcare- it’s just not true in every state. I am able to save for the routine tests & visits, but any emergency for myself or my daughters knocks us back to square one. Thank you so much for your work to better educate the public. Best gift I have received in a long time was the subscription for XM radio & the introduction to Pete & you!
      Has the provision for no more exclusions for pre-existing conditions for children gone into effect yet? When I tried to get my dtr on the CHIPS program, there was a waiting list for pre-existing conditions. Even this program was going to cost me $109 per month for just her, but at the time her meds were $493 per month. Don’t get me started on drug company & major hospital corporation profits!
      Have a great weekend!

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