• Our Kaiser Health News column

    Aaron and I have a co-authored Kaiser Health News column out today. It begins,

    By some accounts, the Republican takeover of the House is a game changer for health reform. Already, it has reinvigorated debate over the law, and the media have focused on what federal legislators can or will do to alter it. But more attention should be directed elsewhere. The future trajectory of health reform will be shaped far more by interest group agendas and state-level actions than by the new House leadership’s stated plans. Not only has the game changed, but so have the most important players.

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    • You might want to qualify the statement that the shape of state Medicaid programs is entirely determined by state governors and legislatures. Here in Alabama, we’re told, the state’s Medicaid program can’t be further shrunk because it already is at the minimum that federal regulations allow.

    • I believe that Alabama (and any other state) can decline all Medicaid money and shrink the program as much as it wants. The “minimum requirements” are only requirements to receive Federal funding. Of course, a Republican true believer should be happy to decline evil Federal funding, shrink the program, and let the poor fend for themselves in the jungle of “private charity”.