One Year Blogaversary

Today is my one year blogaversary, the one year anniversary of my first blog post. I had a big bash planned but canceled it due to the fact that, well, this isn’t really worth a lot of hoopla. But I do wish to thank a few classes of people, if not the people individually. So, I’ll do that and then move on.

I share the success of this blog with my co-bloggers and occasional guests all of whom have contributed first-rate posts. I also have an informal network of support behind the scenes, individuals to whom I go with questions about WordPress or other technical issues (you know who you are), others from whom I occasionally seek writing advice (thanks mom, among others), and a few kind souls who listen to me try out rough drafts of new ideas (and, thankfully, tell me when I’m wrong).

I’m also grateful for the recognition that has helped elevate the relevance and extend the reach of this blog and the ideas expressed in it. Thanks to the many other bloggers for their links and blogroll placement.

And finally, readers of this blog have helped make it what it is. Had no one showed up to read I’d have stopped long ago. I also receive good comments and references from readers. A few of you have proven so valuable that we’ve become e-mail correspondents to facilitate sharing of ideas (you know who you are). To you all, thank you!

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