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We are beginning a regular feature for TIE which is a daily post “On the Record” that is a roundup of tweets from @IncidentalEcon using the the hashtag #TIEnews that will provide links to relevant health policy related information. The aim is to provide timely links to information from governmental sources such as the NIH, CBO, GAO, HHS, etc. Further, we will link to reports and analysis from organizations such as the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget, Center for American Progress, RTI, Mathematica, Brookings, Heritage, etc. Our linking to these official sources and/or reports does not imply our support of the conclusions or the analysis. Our goal is to simply identify reputable sources that have gone ‘On the Record.’  We may blog about some of these links later, but will not blog on all of them. The plan is for the link to go out around 4:30pm each day.

  • NIH has revised its diagnostic criteria for diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia for the first time since 1974
  • CMS Learning network has lots of information on Medicare policy, they say for FFS providers. Lots of interesting stuff for researchers in here as well, especially those who use Medicare claims data
  • The U.S. Supreme Court denied the request for an expedited review of Cuccinelli v. Sebellius. They did lots of other things as well, see bottom of page 6

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