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    • CBO: Tax expenditures have a major impact on the Federal Budget

    Today in TIE: Don and Aaron with thoughts on Stuart Butler changing his mind on the individual mandate, Aaron with more the regulation of sugar, and Austin on the (probably tough) road ahead for ACOs.

    Over the weekend Harold with a great post on organ procurement policy, and wishing people wouldn’t whine about taxes for no good reason, while Austin looked at the waste constituency.


    • Productive efficiency is unlikely without a nationally sanctioned, not controlled, means to standardize the quality of Primary Health Care. A level of Primary Health Care that is unifrmly available, equitably accessible, justly efficient and reliably effective. There is no current means to devlop such a capacity. Even if there was a Federally funded effort to promote this, e.g., the ACA, its provisions would take years and years. The needs are NOW. In addition, the community by community development of enhanced Primary Health Care would need to satisfy certain standards to quality for any augmented reimbursement, since Primary Health Care in has een chronically under capitalized. To develop justly efficient Primary Health Care, medically schools will need prompting to develop training systems that actually train physicians to be be Primary Physicians, not only during residency but also throughout a physicians career. The concepts of Elinor Ostrom should apply for any strategy to develop a national mobilization of Primary Health Care.