• On The Record

    • American Academy of Actuaries: Actuarial Value under the ACA
    • GAO: Value-Added Taxes: Potential Lessons for the U.S. from Other Countries’ Experiences, GAO-11-867T


    • Your comment about willing to change your mind based on empirical evidence illustrates the difference between people like yourself and the idealogues that dominate Conservative thinking.

      Yours is a rational approach, drawing conclusions based on evidence, analysis and data. Their approach is different. They adopt a conclusion and then consider only the evidence, analysis and data that supports that conclusion. If necessary they will make up evidence, data and analysis, because nothing is more important than the conclusion. It is inviolate.

      And evidence, analysis and data which contradicts the conclusion can be ignored, obviously it is not correct because the concluson is correct as a matter of faith.

      In short, you can never win in a discussion with them. They are playing a different game.