• On The Record

    • CMS: FAQ page with multiple updated links on Medicare and Medicaid #EHR incentive programs
    • Kaiser Family Foundation: Women’s Health Care Chartbook, new report; Aaron’s post from today on the report.
    • CMS: 8 months until HIPPA 5010 compliance date, with background links
    • ProPublica: Financial ties between medical societies & drug & device makers
    • CBO Report: Monthly Budget Update, April 2011
    • Jed Graham in Investor’s Business Daily Capital Hill blog on subsidy growth in the ACA
    • Kaiser Health News: Health policy comments in Republican Presidential Debate last night
    • CATO event on Monday, May 9 at 4pm The Morality of Debt and Spending Cuts, available for viewing online if you follow the link. Says you had to have registered by Noon, Friday May 6 to attend in person. Amitai Etzioni and Roger Pilon, moderated by David Boaz
    • GAO Report: Nursing Home Quality Indicator Survey
    • Brookings: Mark McClellan testimony to House Energy & Commerce Committee on Medicare Payment beyond SGR
    • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Report: Reduced Medicare drug costs not due to private plans, but overall drug spending declines
    • via @ddiamond on twitter—> STAT OF THE DAY: In April 2001, retail employed 23.3M — health care just 10.3M. Today? Almost even at 14M.
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