The great translation (me, on blogging, at the AcademyHealth blog)

If you are a researcher and are considering blogging, you might find my interview posted on the AcademyHealth blog of interest. If you just want to learn more about the benefits and value of TIE, it may interest you as well. I may sound too proud, but I was asked direct questions and gave honest, direct answers, like this:

AcademyHealth: How has blogging for The Incidental Economist changed your approach/thinking about knowledge translation and research dissemination?

Austin Frakt: […I]t’s all in the timing.

To explain, consider the two sides: (1) researchers who know the body of scholarly work but may not necessarily be closely following the policy debate and (2) journalists and policymakers who know what the issues of the day are, but not the relevant research. […]

The traditional way of bridging the two worlds has been the press release. But think about when press releases occur. They are timed with the publication of a new study or paper. […]

Consequently, very often a great study comes out, accompanied by a well-written press release, and it is irrelevant to the issue of the day. It then receives less attention than it deserves. The timing is wrong! […]

A good quote or chart from the right paper at the right time can give that study, its authors, affiliated institutions, and funders visibility that they would otherwise not receive. Moreover, it can influence the debate and, one hopes, achieve better policy outcomes. Isn’t that the purpose of our work?

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