OK, I get what the plan won’t do…

I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I’m now at full frustration. It’s been building slowly, and now peaking.

I have been emailed, tweeted, commented, called, and generally yelled at explaining to me what Gov. Romney’s Medicare won’t do. It won’t cost seniors $6400 in co-pays in the future. Fine. It won’t cut $700+ billion from Medicare in the next decade. OK. It won’t reduce provider payments like the IPAB will. Dandy. It wont take any benefits away, it won’t affect anyone over the age of 55, and it won’t sacrifice anything at all to give entitlements to other people.

But what will it do?

Seriously, these statements are those of someone who has no concern over spending at all. There are no sacrifices involved. There are no hard truths.

I’ve asked these before, so I’ll ask them again:

  1. If seniors won’t have to pay any more, and providers won’t be paid any less, and benefits are assured, then how will we spend less money on health care?
  2. If health care costs are held to GDP+0.5%, as previously supported, then what will happen if costs go above that amount.
  3. If (2) is wrong, as Austin wrote about here, and there is no cap, then how will we contain costs at all?
  4. If you repeal the ACA, then will you reopen the donut hole? If not, then how will you pay for that benefit?
  5. If you think the viability of the Medicare trust fund is an issue, then how will making no changes to Medicare for a decade extend its viability past 2016?
  6. If the short term deficit is an issue, and you eliminate the current cuts to Medicare, and promise no changes for a decade, then WTF?!?!?!?
  7. Medicaid? Hello? What are your plans there? Can we talk about that for a minute?



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