Obamacare and October 1st: Healthcare Triage #1

I’m excited to announce my involvement in a new YouTube channel, Healthcare Triage. It’s going to be an ongoing series about health care, research, and policy. The topics will all be of significant interest to readers of TIE. In fact, you’ll probably recognize many of them from past posts. But now they’ll be even more accessible! I can’t wait to do the episode on survival rates versus mortality rates.

I’m getting to work with some amazingly talented people:

Not only that, the videos are going to be pretty fun. John Green will stop in regularly to have his hypochondria soothed by Aaron’s clear and engaging explanations. Healthcare Triage is made by the people who make Crash Course, mental_floss video, and The Art Assignment.

You probably remember John Green from this post. That video of his now has more than 3.7 million views! If you don’t know what Crash Course is, you’re missing out on something special. Mental Floss is similarly awesome. I’m sure The Art Assignment is going to be a winner, too.

But back to my channel! The “pilot” episode was just posted, right in time for October 1:

If you want to see more like this, we need your support. Please subscribe to the channel! You can also follow the show on Twitter at @HCTriage. I’d also appreciate your spreading the word through social media, email, etc. This has the potential to bring our love of research and policy to a much larger audience!


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