• Not bragging, just amazed!

    Once upon a time I didn’t understand the internet, at least not the way I do now. In particular, I didn’t appreciate how certain bloggers drove traffic. Then I saw stuff like this. It’s stunning.

    Earlier today, Andrew Sullivan posted:


    And this site’s traffic exploded:


    At least that explains some of the comments (clearly not all from regular readers).

    • I am shocked that you have so few daily viewers. From my POV, there is a shortage of quality health care blogs. Maybe you are too wonkish for the masses?


      • @steve – My typical low is in the 200-300 range. Hot posts that get picked up can boost it into the upper hundreds to thousands. Roughly 1,000 receive the feed directly by RSS or Twitter. But, yes, I’m pretty wonkish and technical. Still a diamond in the rough though. Spread the word. 🙂

        More seriously, it doesn’t matter as much how many read as who. That health economists, key journalists, and some policy folks do so is enough.

    • I quote you regularly and steal your ideas liberally at my little blog (with attribution). I think you are correct that a number of economists read this site. I will continue to spread the word.