No, I don’t eat like that every day

I have gotten a lot of emails from you concerning the state fair, especially in light of my earlier posts on obesity.  So let me state the obvious – no, I don’t eat like that every day.  Nor does my wife.  Nor do my children.  In fact, I would wager that the way we are eating now is the healthiest we have ever eaten.

But we made a conscious decision, long ago, not to make food an issue in our house.  And, although I have no scientific data, my anecdotal case series of three children has produced two of the best eaters (in terms of variety) that I have ever encountered.  Noah is the outlier.  If it was socially acceptable, he would eat chicken nuggets and fries, three meals a day, seven days a week.  In fact, he is a proponent of the “beige” diet, in which all foods are brown.

We’re working on him.

But not making a big deal out of food means that we relax the rules periodically.  And so, on State Fair day, all bets are off.  Noah got his elephant ear.  Sydney got a big bag of cotton candy.  Jacob would have eaten a whole steak if he’d had room.  If they had fought for the deep fried butter, I might have even let them try it.

They have more sense than that, though.  Even children draw the line somewhere.

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