New TIE Service

Many bloggers post lists of links to stuff they find interesting. I don’t do that because it isn’t valuable to me. If something isn’t worth writing a few hundred words about then it isn’t that important. It signals that the information doesn’t have lasting value to me. But I do read a lot of interesting things that have short- to medium-term value or simply reinforce things I already know or have already blogged.

In a new service, I’ll be sharing online information of interest that doesn’t make it to this blog. You can see the rolling list of items in the far right side-bar of this page under the News & Links heading. I’ll post to that list as I see things of interest. Some items will make their way into full-length posts here. Most won’t.

  • For the News & Links RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your reader.
  • To see the items as a web page go to my Google Reader shared items.
  • Or, if you “friend” me on Facebook you’ll get my News & Links feed (see bottom of About page for my Facebook badge).

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