New Service and a Request

I have a new service and a favor to ask those of you subscribed to my comments RSS feed.

New Service. If you like getting blog posts by e-mail you can now get the rest of this blog’s content that way too. I’m talking about the comments feed and the News & Links feed. If I set it up right, the former will deliver all comments that appear on the blog each day in one e-mail (there are usually very few comments, most often zero per day). And, I believe the latter will deliver the set of interesting things I find on the web and in the news each day in one e-mail (containing three to six items per day). These are also shown in the far right sidebar under the News & Links heading.

I’ll be subscribing to these too just to be sure they’re working.

Request. To those of you currently subscribed to my comments RSS feed: you’d be doing me a favor if you unsubscribe and then resubscribe. Doing so will not change what you receive. It will just reroute the feed through Feedburner so I can see how many subscribers there are (something I should have set up when I originally offered this feed but failed to do so).

Finally, if this post doesn’t make sense to you then see my subscribe page.

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