New comments policy

Growing pains. This blog has had heavy traffic and high comments volume lately. Let’s just say we had a good month this past weekend (traffic stats here, as always). So, we must adjust or we’ll be overwhelmed.

Aaron and I love comments. We read most and skim others. Given the new, larger volume of them and the fact that we already have (paid) jobs, we cannot respond to all of them. Nevertheless, please write what you like while respecting the comments policy, which has been revised to include two basic rules:

  1. Keep it clean. Don’t say things you wouldn’t say in polite company. Respect the golden rule. Clear?
  2. Krugman’s 3-inch rule. We have to skim comments to make sure they’re compliant with rule 1 so we insist that they be concise and to the point. Comments that run longer than about 3 inches in our blog admin tool will be deleted independent of content. How long is 3 inches in our blog admin tool? It corresponds to about the length of this one, which runs three beefy paragraphs. That really ought to be enough. If not, go rant on your own blog.

Also, there is now a comments amnesty. If you’ve been banned in the past for violating the comments policy, come on back and try again.

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