My Technology Gripes

My list of minor technology gripes is growing. I’ve done some searching to find solutions and have failed. Anyone who can explain or solve any of the following gets 27 cubic glops of positive Incidental Economist karma shocks, to be delivered at the zero-dimensional mathematical point (not necessarily on this planet) and zero-duration instantaneous time (not necessarily in the future) of your choosing.

It may be important to know that I run the latest version of Firefox with Google Toolbar and iTunes on Windows XP, and I listen to an iPod Nano (either first or second generation; I don’t know how to distinguish). Also, my Google toolbar gripes are consistent across three different computers. Finally, my Google Toolbar gripes are new (a week or two old) and my iPod ones are ancient (been happening for years).

1. Google Toolbar calendar button doesn’t work (clicking on it does nothing). Yes I’ve updated it, which causes it to work for the current Firefox session. It keeps reverting to a useless button. Why?

2. Google Toolbar search box history stays open even after initiating search, i.e. hitting “Enter” (I can close it by clicking elsewhere, but I shouldn’t have to). Yes I’ve read some stuff about this problem online, but nothing helpful. What gives?

3. iPod freezes up, requiring reset (holding down center button + Menu) upon initiating (requesting to play) first podcast after a sync unless I do so immediately after disconnecting USB cable. That is, I can avoid the freeze if after syncing and recharging I start playing a podcast immediately. But if I wait until the next morning to do so, it freezes. ‘Splain that one.

4. Can’t pause a podcast on my iPod within the first ~9 seconds. If I start playing a podcast (e.g. right after syncing–see number 3) and want to pause it right away I can’t. I have to wait about 9 seconds into the podcast. How come?

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