My Google Reader Bundles

Maybe you’re a Google Reader user (if not why not?) and you want to subscribe to the same feeds I do with just a few clicks. Now you can. I’ve created Google Reader Bundles for each of the six main categories of blogs to which I subscribe. Click on the following to view the feed and subscribe:

  • Health Care (Alan Katz, Kaiser Health News, Healthcare Economist, Health Affairs, Health Policy & Marketplace Review, Rational Arguments, O’Neill Health Reform, Robert Pear, Daily Dose, Merrill Goozner, Health Policy and Communications Blog, Health Reform GPS, Shots, The Health Care Blog).
  • Economics (Follow the Money, Cheap Talk, Brad Delong, Donald Marron, Economist’s View, Economix, Econbrowser, Baseline Scenario, Greg Mankiw, Paul Krugman, Less Wrong, Woodward & Hall, Marginal Revolution, Planet Money, Overcoming Bias, TheMoneyIllusion, self-evident).
  • Issues (The Agenda, Matthew Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Wonk Room,, Kevin Drum, Jonathan Chait).
  • Government-Politics (Political Insider, CBO Blog, Talking Points Memo, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Political Wire, Tax Policy Center, The Monkey Cage, OMB Blog).
  • Finance (Bad Money Advice, The Finance Buff, Get Rich Slowly, MoneyEnergy, The Oblivious Investor, Vanguard Blog).
  • Science (Dot Earth, RealClimate, Skeptical Science, The Oil Drum, The Vine).
  • Other Blogs I Like (xkcd blog and comics, Blunt Object,, Opinionator, Organon).

See also my News & Links feed (same as my Google Reader Shared Items).

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