More on the erosion of employer-based coverage – ctd. (Wonky)

Last week, I posted on the difference between the CPS data on employer-based coverage and an analysis from the NIHCR of a RWJF funded survey . The NIHCR had shown a more conservative estimate (higher) of employer-based coverage in the past, but looked more dire in 2010. I have been exchanging some emails with Chapin White, who today suggested it might be because the survey does not include under over 65 year old’s in their data, while the CPS data I used did. So I’ve remade my chart using CPS data for the non elderly:

This certainly brings the CPS data more into line with the NIHCR  survey in the past. But I still wonder what happened in 2010. Why all of a sudden the discrepancy?

UPDATE: Fixed a stupid mistake and the title of the chart.

UPDATE #2: A very polite reader who works at the NIHCR  pointed out the gazillion errors I made in referencing the organization and the work. My apologies. Fixed. I should know better than to try and fix/post from a school function for my daughter.


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