Mental health clubhouse model

Taylor Sisk with an interesting story on the Clubhouse model of mental health treatment for persistent mental illness, with this example being the reported success of Club Nova in Chapel Hill, N.C.

“Before Club Nova,” said Jim Huegerich, director of Crisis and Human Services for the Chapel Hill Police Department, “like clockwork, those with chronic and persistent mental illness would cycle in and out of state mental hospitals every six months, initially surfacing with law enforcement in a crisis. For those who are members of Club Nova, this cycle has essentially been broken.”

Having watched a family member struggle with persistent mental illness, breaking the cycle of illness, treatment and life consequences is very difficult.It is not my research area, but from my life experience I know that it is very important.

And I wanted to point TIE readers to the source of this article–NC Health News–a new venture run by my friend Rose Hoban who used to work the health beat for N.C. Public Radio (@rosehoban). She has undertaken this new venture, supported by the UNC School of Public Health, that is trying to bring focused reporting and investigative journalism to the health beat in North Carolina, which has seen many good health reporters lost from the major newspapers in the last few years.


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