Medicaid, a “broken program that harms its beneficiaries”

I asked on Twitter for policymakers’ expressions of harm caused by Medicaid.

By email, Andrew Goodman-Bacon came through in a huge way. The bullets below are a lightly edited version of what he sent me, shared with his permission. (For the record, Medicaid does not cause harm. More about that soon.)

  • The Sommers/Epstein paper surveyed governors and found that five of those who opposed expansion felt that Medicaid was a “broken program that harms its beneficiaries.”
  • Senator Ted Cruz has said that Medicaid hurts health care access
  • In one of Tom Price’s recent testimonies he said ,“Medicaid is a program that has, by and large, decreased people’s ability to access care.”
  • Speaker Paul Ryan comes close on pg 24 of “A Better Way
  • A Healthy Indiana report (notably produced by the Pence administration) cites Roy and LaPar, but doesn’t go all in on the “harms” claim
  • Here is the American Action Forum saying “harm”
  • See also, this brief from a policy shop in MI, this brief from a policy shop in NC, and this brief from a policy shop in PA
  • Here is ALEC citing that study, although not going so far as to say patients will be “harmed”

To these, I will add this quote of Representative Bill Cassidy (via Aaron) and this op-ed by Seema Verma (via Adrianna). Note: I have not looked through everything in the above list. If you find errors or have more contributions, let me know.


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