• Me, On NPR’s Morning Edition

    Yesterday I didn’t know if I’d be in David Welna’s Morning Edition story on insurers’ antitrust exemption. This morning I know I am, at 7:20AM and again at 9:20AM. What I take to be a text summary of the story is available online (I’m in that too). If you miss it the audio will be posted online on the same page where you can read the summary text version right now.

    • This is a great quote. I’ve heard this idea in a few places and it is so important. The more people who share it the better chance people will understand it.

    • Rock Star! And you sounded awesome!

    • Austin – Congratulations! You’ve literally got your 15 seconds of fame. I’m sure this is only the start. Well done!

      • @TFB – I thought it was 15 minutes?! Anyway, this is the year that my work can be of high profile. If I’m ever going to make good on my interest to do policy-relevant research, now is the time. When health reform and health care are no longer issue #1 I will return to relative obscurity. (And I will get a lot more sleep.)