Maybe the media doesn't matter as much as I think

Sometimes I worry that the 24-hour-news cycle’s insistence on focusing on whatever will get the biggest rise out of people makes rational debate impossible.  Then I saw the results of this Pew poll at (emphasis mine):

How much if anything, have you heard about each of the following?

Senator Max Baucus unveiling his health care reform proposal:
19% A lot, 36% A little, 45% Nothing at all

Employees of the community organizing group “ACORN” appearing to give advice to a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute:
31% A lot, 25% A little, 43% Nothing at all

A September 12th rally in Washington to protest government spending and policies:
23% A lot, 37% A little, 40% Nothing at all

That’s 45% of people who know nothing at all about the Baucus bill.  Maybe I’m overemphasizing the importance of the media to drive the story. Turns out we’re not even reaching half the American public.

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