Make room for the facts

Aaron and I have noticed something. It’s been bothering us for years. We’ve written more emails to each other about it than about almost anything else. So it’s not new. Here’s the latest example:

Conservative standard-bearers Holtz-Eakin and Roy are enjoying another 15 minutes of media attention. That’d be fine except that they don’t seem to have their facts straight. Meanwhile, Aaron corrected the record and barely got a mention in the round-ups and posts that highlighted Holtz-Eakin and Roy. (Thanks Jon Chait!) It seems like we’re stuck at the kids’ table.

Why? Is it the facts that don’t matter or the way they’re delivered? Likely both.

Well, we can’t change the facts. But we could, with help, change how they’re delivered. It seems like TIE doesn’t count, even when we are first to post the same facts and evidence that others come around to later. In contrast, columns in big media outlets automatically get attention. So maybe we have to publish in Forbes or WaPo or the like to get equal time. Happy to! Anyone have space for us or know someone who does?


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