Little tech help? (A bleg)

Friend of the blog Paul Kelleher has been getting a pop-up ad, shown below, when he browses to TIE and only to TIE. The problem is, we’re not (knowingly) running any ads. That’s against our policy. Strictly speaking, we could run them for free, but why would we do that?

The obvious other questions are: Why is this happening? Is the problem on Paul’s end or TIE’s? What can be done about it?

I will put these questions to the techs at TIE’s host. In fact, I wrote this post so I can point them to it. Meanwhile, if you have any clues, please let me and/or Paul know. We’re both on Twitter at the handles below the image. Or you can add a comment to this post or email me.

LL bean ad

UPDATE: Our host says everything’s fine on our end, as do some commenters. So, this is a client-side problem. See comments for more info. I’ll post page source code if anyone sends it to me. My email address is available from the mail icon next to my name in the left sidebar.

Austin: @afrakt; Paul: @kelleher_

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