Ketamine for Mental Health Treatment: How Promising Is It?

Since the pandemic’s start, rates of depressive symptoms among U.S. adults have nearly tripled. The search for fast-acting and sustainable mental health treatments has gained more traction in academic and public discourse. This piece, recently published in Behavioral Health News, covers the benefits and potential risks of one emerging (and unorthodox) treatment that’s been receiving a lot of attention — ketamine.  

We explore why traditional treatments may not work and where ketamine comes in, particularly how ketamine works, the risks, and the potential benefits of this treatment. While there is a wealth of excitement and some promising research, using ketamine to treat depression and other mental health conditions is still in its early stages. The associated risks are significant and need to be better understood. Nonetheless, this new approach provides hope to those who struggle with depression and feel left behind by conventional treatments. 

Read the full article here.  

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