Kaiser Health News Opinion Column

Ian and I have a co-authored Kaiser Health News opinion column out today. We argue that repealing insurers’ antitrust exemption won’t change things much and isn’t likely to help consumers significantly. Further, a focus on competition in insurance markets has the potential to distract policymakers and the public from the principal source of increases in premiums: concentration in the provider market.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

It is well known that concentration in the health insurance industry is to blame for rapidly rising premiums. Well known, but wrong. Taking political advantage of this common misconception, last week the House passed a bill to repeal insurers’ antitrust exemption. But even if that bill becomes law it won’t do much good, and politicians’ distraction could actually harm consumers. It’s far more likely that premium increases are largely due to other factors.

Kinda makes you want to read the whole thing, right?

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