• JAMA Forum: With Some Big Questions Answered by the Election, What’s Next for the Health Care Law?

    Earlier today, I promised some more thoughts on what the election means for the Affordable Care Act. You can go read them over at the JAMA Forum.

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    • Let me preface that I’m not a fan of the ACA, and my father (now retired) was a physician (Opthamology).

      I’ve read reports that some industries are looking at converting low wage FT employees to PT in order to avoid some of the costs associated with the ACA.

      Physician reimbursement rates. With proposed reduction in the rate of increase with these rates. Does the ACA have a plan in place under an anticipate a loss of GP’s who are willing to accept Medicaid?

      • I’ll start by saying I support the ACA, for the simple reason that it’s not perfect but it’s better than what we’ve got.

        That said though I agree with Christopher that some employers will play part time work games to avoid the requirements. That’s unfortunate but I don’t believe it will be very significant for the same reason that most employers (admittedly not some of the low-wage ones) still offer insurance benefits today even though it’s very expensive.

        At some point it is cheaper to pay for health insurance than to deal with undesirable and unproductive employees. Especially as insurance becomes more available it will be hard, even in low wage jobs, to get good employees if you don’t offer insurance.

        Also we can make changes in the future. In fact we will have to: I can guarantee that some aspects of the ACA will not turn out as we expect them to today.