• JAMA Forum: Supreme Court Ruling on the Medicaid Expansion: Carrots Are Okay, Sticks Are Not

    Here’s my second post on the Supreme Court ruling. This one focuses on the Medicaid expansion. It’s at the JAMA Forum.

    Go read.


    • Free money is a good argument, and angry uninsured poor voters is too, but do not underestimate the determination of some politicians to stop health care for people who can’t afford it no matter what.

      Minnesota was one of the states that qualified to start the Medicaid expansion early because of its record of having a program that provided health insurance for the more marginally poor. Our previous governor — now being mentioned as a possible Veep candidate with Romney — blocked the expansion in a year before an election. It was adopted only after the Democrats won the governorship in 2010, and even then the Republican legislature tried to block it but was stopped by a governor’s veto.

      And this was Minnesota, not Texas, Alabama, Florida, or Arizona.