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This post originally appeared on The Finance Buff.

My interview on OneMint appears today. In it I address questions about how I came to co-blog with TFB, how price discrimination arises in medical care and what to do about it, and the prospects for health care cost control. Check it out. While you’re there, take a look around. You might notice the blogger’s creativity in his quest for thrift, among other things. If you like what you see, sign up for OneMint’s RSS feed or e-mail subscription service (details on the “About” page).

In my interview I reference Atul Gawande’s excellent New Yorker article “The Cost Conundrum“. As reported by Robert Pear in today’s NY Times (“Health Care Spending Disparities Stir a Fight“), the piece has been enormously influential and has become required reading at the White House and for all who wish to understand the challenges of cost control in health care. This illustrates the power good, careful research and journalism. It’s a nice meta story about a well-done, and well-timed, news story.

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