• Internet break

    Not only will I not blog this coming week, but I’ll be taking a break from the internet. If you happen to be one of my email correspondents, please hold your email for a week or resend it next week. (I’m serious.)

    If you happen to comment on one of my blog posts (or even those by others), I will not see your comment. Aaron will be in charge of all moderation duties, so he will read it. There is no way I’ll catch up on those. So, if you want me to see it, you might hold it for a week, with one exception, explained below. (I’m somewhat serious. It’s only a blog, after all.)

    If you happen to be a journal publisher or think tank, please hold your publications for at least a week. (I’m not serious, but I wish I could be.)

    If you happen to want to make some news that you’d rather I not know about, this is your chance!

    Now, here are questions for you: Do you think I can go a whole week without checking my email? (Could you?) If not, how long will I hold out? (How long would you?) Place your bets in the comments. I will provide an honest report when I return.


    • So I have been without any electronic communication for more than a week on buddhist retreat. We also don’t talk, except once a day during the question/answer period after the teacher’s dharma talk.

      This has very positive effects. But I doubt that I could do it, except as part of a group collectively practicing silence.

    • I predict Austin’s over/under of unread emails at 190…

    • Two days on email. 4 days on the internet, maybe 5 if the wife watches closely.


    • We often go long periods without e-mail, when sailing near islands that do not have effective internet links. Its liberating. Of course, being retired helps.

      Oh, and no TV either.

    • Are you hiding your smartphone from yourself? That’s the only way I see you making it the whole week without checking email. Maybe you’ll make it to Wednesday if not.
      Enjoy your off-the-grid vacation!