• I’m loving the cloud

    If my home computer hard drive crashed there is exactly one file I’d miss. That’s because the rest don’t change with a frequency faster than I do backups (a few times per year). But this one file changes weekly. It’s the spreadsheet with all of the records for my wife’s business. (No, I don’t need fancy business expense tracking software. It’s really very easy to do in a spreadsheet.)

    I’d been worried about losing months of data in a crash, too lazy to do more frequent backups, and too cheap to buy automated online backup services. I’d also been too lazy to just put the damn file in the cloud. …

    Until tonight. Just did it. Google Docs! And every single feature I liked about Excel is replicated there. In 15 seconds I solved my problem. What took me so long? Of course, now I could worry that Google will screw me and lose the file. But if I’m worried about that I could back it up to my computer. In truth, I’m not that worried.

    Gotta say, I love the cloud. I’d already been using it for photos, blogging, and a few other document storage purposes. Somehow migrating this one file was the big step. I can’t say why. It just was. Now I’m a convert.

    • Shall we conclude from this that you do not use dropbox? You should really consider putting this great services to work next.

    • There’s a somewhat annoying but informative explanatory video on the homepage: https://www.dropbox.com/

      But the gist is that you get a folder on your machine that syncs up everything in the folder to your online dropbox account. So, you get automatic backup. It also gives you access to the past versions in case you wish to revert back to (or just consult) a previous version of a document are currently editing like mad.

      You get 2gb free, but if you use my dedicated referral link to sign up, you and I both get 250mb extra for free: http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY0MTg2Mzg5

      I love it. I just toss all my folders into the dropbox folder that a quick install puts on my machine, and now everything I do and every change I make to any file in that folder is backed up and versions are stored. There is also a quick way to drop a file into a “public” folder and get a publicly accessible link.