I’m loving the cloud

If my home computer hard drive crashed there is exactly one file I’d miss. That’s because the rest don’t change with a frequency faster than I do backups (a few times per year). But this one file changes weekly. It’s the spreadsheet with all of the records for my wife’s business. (No, I don’t need fancy business expense tracking software. It’s really very easy to do in a spreadsheet.)

I’d been worried about losing months of data in a crash, too lazy to do more frequent backups, and too cheap to buy automated online backup services. I’d also been too lazy to just put the damn file in the cloud. …

Until tonight. Just did it. Google Docs! And every single feature I liked about Excel is replicated there. In 15 seconds I solved my problem. What took me so long? Of course, now I could worry that Google will screw me and lose the file. But if I’m worried about that I could back it up to my computer. In truth, I’m not that worried.

Gotta say, I love the cloud. I’d already been using it for photos, blogging, and a few other document storage purposes. Somehow migrating this one file was the big step. I can’t say why. It just was. Now I’m a convert.

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