I’m looking to hire a postdoc! (or maybe a really talented predoc!)

Do you enjoy the blog? Do you enjoy my columns, Healthcare Triage videos or podcasts? Would you like to learn how to do all of that? Come and work with me!!!

I’m looking to hire a postdoc (or really talented predoc) for a 2-year stint. To be honest, I’m open to candidates from a host of disciplines. It never hurts to ask. Here’s what I’m offering:

  • Two-year (12 mo per year) position with a competitive salary and benefits
  • Funds to attend appropriate meetings
  • Space in our offices to work
  • Time to work on YOUR research, as long as you involve me and let me help. I need to learn new stuff.

Here’s what you’ll help me with:

  • Writing Healthcare Triage scripts, especially on funded projects
  • Producing the podcast, especially if we get funding on a pending NIH grant in that area (I’m optimistic)
  • Background research for other writing
  • Preparation for radio shows

Travel for funded projects will be included (ie if we have to go tape podcasts elsewhere, I’ll cover your travel). Anything new I try, you’ll be invited to join. I imagine there will be opportunities to work with Austin as well. We’ll figure that out.

My hope is that this should be an amazing opportunity to develop your science communication skills. You’ll get to meet fascinating people. You’ll make amazing contacts. You’ll learn how to balance all of this in an academic career. You’ll have time to develop your own research portfolio. If that costs money, I’ll likely pay for that, too, if you can convince me it’s important and let me be involved.

I work with awesome people in the School of Public Health, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and (of course) the School of Medicine. I’ll plug you in as appropriate. I also know people in lots of social science disciplines. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME AND SEE IF YOU’RE A GOOD FIT. My IU email is aaecarro at iu.edu. Or, just DM me on Twitter @aaronecarroll.

I’m somewhat flexible on start dates. Heck, all of the above is negotiable. All I’ll want is a CV and a letter of application telling me what you do and why you’re interested. If we get further, I’ll need some references, but don’t do too much work up front.

For the record, you will be my first post-doc. We’ll figure this out together. But if you want to talk to any of my faculty to see what kind of work environment we’ve got here, or how I mentor, I’m happy to provide you with names as well.


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