I still don't understand their plan

Ok, the House passed the Senate bill last night.  It looks like President Obama will sign it into law on Tuesday.

And then it’s done.

So what’s with the big push I’m seeing to “derail health care reform” by opposing reconciliation.  Reconciliation isn’t health care reform.  I know many of you heard that talking point, but it’s just not so.

If – IF – they block it completely, the Senate bill is still law.  Health care reform happens.

And lots of stuff in reconciliation is… popular.  They want to cut out the “cornhusker kickback”.  Don’t Republicans want that to happen?  They want to push the excise tax back.  Do Republicans oppose that?  They want to make it even more deficit reducing.  That’s good, right?

What does all this accomplish?  I’m seriously asking.  Someone tell me.

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