I (partially) quit

I’ve been going pretty hard at this blogging thing for almost four years (3.75 to be more precise). It’s been fun, as well as personally and professionally rewarding, but it has come time for me to cut back so I can maintain balance and mental health. I won’t cut back to zero. I don’t want to. I will (because I want to) keep my commitments to the JAMA Forum and the AcademyHealth blog, where you’ll see my posts several times a month.

That leaves, as the only option, pulling back at TIE. Fortunately, there are some things I do here that take a fair amount of work but are, in my view, expendable. Here’s my plan: I’m ceasing the Reading List, though perhaps I’ll toss one last one up this Friday. I’m also going to make my last TIE-U post at the end of the month. Apart from that, I’ll blog as the mood strikes, which isn’t much different than I’ve been doing all along.

I recognize that the Reading List and TIE-U posts are valuable to some readers. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to provide them. Maybe someday something like one or the other will return. It would help if either were a revenue rather than cost center. So, you know, alert your big money donors and get back to me.


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