I need help! And an offer.

My blogging and my research rely on rapid, electronic access to the latest publications in all the leading medical, health services research, and health economics journals. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, I am unable to obtain that from any of the organizations with which I am affiliated. (I have tried, really, really tried, and for years, with all the organizations. They know who they are. They are all doing the best they can, and I appreciate them all. They just have failed me in this one way.)

Some friends and colleagues have stepped up and filled the gap, for which I am grateful. Thank you! But some of those supports are going away. Others are less than ideal. I should be able to get papers I need by myself, and not have to email others and wait for them to do that work. Frankly, I’m sick of the patchwork support I’ve stitched together. Can I do better?

Let’s see! If you’re at an institution that can offer me what I need, let’s talk! I’m happy to exchange top notch* library access for something. It could be just good PR, but make me an offer! The marginal cost to your institution would be very low.

* It’s got to deliver PDFs of papers for the very latest issues and early releases of all the major journals in the fields I mentioned. Not all libraries at all universities do this. Some can only delver them delayed by some months. Even weeks of delay is no good to me. I want it as it comes out. That’s what I need to do what I do.


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