• “I am one of those who are very willing to be refuted”

    I am one of those who are very willing to be refuted if I say anything which is not true, and very willing to refute any one else who says what is not true, and quite as ready to be refuted as to refute-for I hold that this is the greater gain of the two, just as the gain is greater of being cured of a very great evil than of curing another. For I imagine that there is no evil which a man can endure so great as an erroneous opinion about the matters of which we are speaking and if you claim to be one of my sort, let us have the discussion out, but if you would rather have done, no matter-let us make an end of it.

    Socrates (h/t Plato)


    • socrates, of course, was killed in a thriving democracy for making such a bold claim.

    • Very good quote that no honest person (which is most people) would disagree with.

      I wonder, though, if you can give a few examples in social science or economics research where an empirical study has changed your mind about something you strongly believe.

    • Also, would like to see Austin refute Jim Manzi’s latest Oregon screed.

      • You should follow me on Twitter. Actually, I discussed this in @ replies with someone, so you’ll have to look at my timeline. In short: (1) the study goes into reasons for lack of enrollment, (2) I am not among those reasoning based on statistically insignificant findings (precisely the opposite!), and (3) tell me one way to provide assistance to the poor — whether with cash or something in-kind that offsets cash — that wouldn’t allow people to do more of what they want to do, including smoking?