Hypocricy in reform

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  We can’t have a rational debate about health care reform as long as the involved parties aren’t honest and consistent.  And I’m not talking about the “you lie” stuff.  I mean honest about core values about reform.  For instance:


  • How can you be completely against government in health care and not against Medicare?
  • If you think Medicare is great for people 65 years and older, why not for 64 year-olds?
  • How can anyone rail against support for health care reform in terms of the cost and yet have been in favor of Medicare part D years ago – a huge expansion of entitlements that dwarfs this and will NEVER be deficit neutral.

And don’t think all the inconsistencies are on one side:

  • How can you talk about the rising costs of health care necessitating immediate action and not talk about how you will achieve cost containment?
  • How can you continue to claim that information technology and preventive care will make things so much cheaper – when there is still no good evidence that that’s so?

Please?  Can we get some consistency here?  This is too important to make it up as we go.

(h/t Oliver Willis for the pic)

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