How To Talk About Health Reform

A recent On Point episode is worth listening to if you want to learn how to talk about health reform (pro, not con). It is a good skill to have nowadays. I find health reform comes up a lot at social events. That could be just me though (now why would that be?).

In particular, listen for Uwe Reinhardt. He enters 15 or so minutes into the show (that’s a guess) and stays on to the end, along with other guests. Reinhardt knows how to talk about health reform. What I mean by that is he understands the issues and, more importantly, he can explain them simply.

That’s not easy, at least not for me. I get the issues, but finding the right way to talk about them is a challenge for me. That’s why I write and don’t go on the radio or TV (not that I’m asked much). So, I really appreciate listening to Reinhardt and others who can talk the talk.

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