How to jump start a 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime

My family recently purchased a 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime. As I became familiar with it, and flipped through the owner’s manual a few times, it occurred to me that nowhere in the manual were instructions for how to jump start it.

I did what any normal person would do these days and searched the internet. No instructions there either. (Some for Rav4 hybrids, but not the Prime. Maybe the instructions are the same, but I don’t know! I also found recommendations to never jump start someone else’s car with a Rav4 Prime. Fine, I won’t. But what about jumping mine?)

So, I texted the very friendly and helpful sales agent at Expressway Toyota in Boston who sold me the car and he told me how to do it. To fill the gap in the internet, here are his instructions by video (low res, but good enough). Below that is an image I created that includes all you really need.

Here’s what he’s talking about in a still image:

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