How do we make guidelines better? The AAP is working on it.

For years, I have been part of a group called the Partnership for Policy Implementation:

The Partnership for Policy Implementation (PPI) was established to increase the ability of pediatricians to implement AAP recommendations at the point of care. PPI operates by assigning a medical informatician/pediatrician to work with the lead author(s) and/or guideline subcommittee to help produce clear guidance on how pediatricians can implement recommendations in practice. PPI also works to ensure that AAP recommendations can be easily incorporated within electronic health record (EHR) decision support systems.

Through my work with the program, I have helped to write the AAP guidelines for newborn screening and acute otitis media (ear infections).

I could write about the work that we do, but thanks to the Healthcare Triage team, I don’t have to. You can just watch a video! Enjoy.


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