Housekeeping: A summer sabbatical, of sorts

So, some news: I’ll be spending this summer working with the recently-launched Vox. Mostly I’ll be writing about (surprise, surprise) health policy; I imagine my work will be similar in a lot of ways to what I do here, but I’ll also be helping build out the “cards” that are at the core of the site’s philosophy. It goes without saying that I’m tremendously excited. It also goes without saying that I owe a lot to TIE—its contributors and its community—for the opportunities that have come my way in the last year or two.

It was always likely that I was going to have to take a “sabbatical” of sorts for the summer; my program requires an internship, and various positions I might’ve applied for (within the government, for example) would have precluded blogging. I didn’t love the idea of giving this up, even just for a few months. So, when I was offered the opportunity to blog for my summer internship, I was all about it.

I start at Vox on May 12. Until then, I’ll continue writing here! Wherever I am, you can always catch me on Twitter (“always” isn’t really an exaggeration) or reach me by email. And if you’re around DC and want to catch up, let me know! I move out there in about a month.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled nerdery.

Adrianna (@onceuponA)

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