Help me learn new things in 2018 – the schedule!

After my post asking for your recommendations for books/topics I should learn about in 2018, I got a lot of great responses. If I didn’t choose yours, it’s likely because I already felt like I knew something about the subject (like programming) or because I liked something else just a little bit more. There’s always 2019.

Here’s my proposal. I think I’ll go from past to present. January isn’t happening.

  1. February – Rome
  2. March – The Fall of Rome/The Dark Ages
  3. April – The Revolutionary War
  4. May – The Civil War, part I
  5. June/July – Cocktails
  6. August – The Civil War, part II
  7. September – World War I
  8. October – Nazi Germany
  9. November – World War II
  10. December – TBD/Overflow

Some things to note. I gave The Civil War two months because there were so many books to read. And, I think it deserves it. I also left December open. If I fall behind, this will allow me to push things back. If I stay on schedule, we’ll add something on the fly.

The summer will be for cocktails. Well, the whole year is for cocktails, but I’ll learn a lot this summer. I also want to try and knit more then. We’ll see how I fare. I also need to get back into meditation.

One week before each new month, I will post a query for book suggestions. I have a lot, but there could always be more. I’ll list what I have and ask for more. That will give me time to order them and get going on the first of the month.

I’m excited.


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