Help for email subscribers

About 10% of TIE subscribers receive a daily digest of posts by email. There are two things wrong with that. One is that if you read more than a few blogs, RSS feeds (e.g. into Google Reader) are way better, in my opinion. But to each his own.

The more important problem is that posts delivered as part of the daily bundle don’t have bylines. Unless you know our styles and beats well, you can’t easily tell who wrote what. A lot of people think I write every post. Impossible, I assure you!

Believe me, I wish we could include bylines in the email dump. It’s not our fault that we can’t. Blame Google, who runs the Feedburner service through which the emails are sent.

To help you out, we’re going to start adding our names or initials to the end of our posts. We’ll try to remember to do it, anyway. If you like the guessing game, you can still play it. Then check the bottom to see if you’re right. As always, bylines are included in the RSS feed and on the blog’s website.


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