• Healthcare Triage: What is health insurance, and why do you need it?

    We had a soft launch last month, but the “actual” channel is now a go. Healthcare Triage is live:

    Healthcare Triage is a series about healthcare. Dr. Aaron Carroll will explain healthcare policy, medical research, and answer a lot of other questions you may have about medicine, health, and healthcare. Not only that, the videos are going to be pretty fun. John Green will stop in regularly to have his hypochondria soothed by Aaron’s clear and engaging explanations. Healthcare Triage is made by the people who make Crash Course, mental_floss video, and The Art Assignment.

    The list of episodes will be of great interest to readers of TIE (I’m counting the days until I can do the episode on survival rates versus mortality rates). But it’s our hope that this will help bring some of the health policy data, evidence, and knowledge that we discuss here to a larger audience. Plus, now we’ll have another place to send people when they ask us for more information about a number of topics.

    This episode is on “What is health insurance, and why do you need it?”.

    At this point, people are pretty much donating their time to this project. They believe in it that much. So I could really use your support. Go watch the video. Get your friends and family to watch it. Heck get people you don’t like to watch it. Share the link widely. Subscribe to the channel (there’s a button there for that), and ask others to subscribe. It’s our plan to release new videos every Sunday afternoon, but they will be around forever, of course.

    We also appreciate feedback! I’m trying to answer comments over there (and there are a ton), but you can always reach me on Twitter, too.


    • Would appreciate a video that briefly describes how other countries deliver healthcare and how the US fares in comparison.

      Discussion could be pegged to what ACA is and is not.


    • Aaron: Congratulation on the Healthcare Triage launch. I just watched #2 and am impressed by the energy you have and the quality of both the video and content. Well done. The quick cuts are a bit disconcerting but works well.

      I am sure you have a few months of topics in the can already or are developing. One topic that may be of value is how to do critical appraisal of the healthcare crap or not crap you find on the internet. As you know adults will learn when they are trying to find an answer to a problem. More and more adults are going online to find answers to their healthcare problems. It would be nice to have a few part series on what to look for, how to know if its good, who can you trust, etc. The problem with the topic is how not to like you are shilling for sites.


    • Great presentation. IMHO it is very important that voters understand that health insurance was invented by the healthcare industry, and you covered that very well.

      I do of course I have a couple of quibbles you said that most people are much better off to have insurance but that is not really true most people, those that spend less that the media lifetime on healthcare would be better off to not have health insurance. People with median and above income and median or below lifetime healthcare will due to overhead and inefficiency of insurance (the moral hazard that it causes) will always be much better off monetarily to not have life insurance. (BTW to me, the moral hazard is not with the recipients of healthcare but with the providers who seems to not care at all about wasting insurance company or government money.)

      In fact IMHO if few people had health insurance the system would be very different and most of us would be much better off.

      Still if IMHO the PPACA raised the max deductibles to $15k or $20k and got rid of anything paid for by insurers before the deductibles are met and ended the employer mandates it would be a good thing.

      Prices for care are very high in the USA and perhaps higher deductibles will cause some downward pressure.