• Healthcare triage: Turkey Doesn’t Make You Sleepy

    Healthcare Triage #4 is up. What’s Healthcare Triage? Glad you asked:

    Healthcare Triage is a series about healthcare. Dr. Aaron Carroll will explain healthcare policy, medical research, and answer a lot of other questions you may have about medicine, health, and healthcare. Not only that, the videos are going to be pretty fun. John Green will stop in regularly to have his hypochondria soothed by Aaron’s clear and engaging explanations. Healthcare Triage is made by the people who make Crash Course, mental_floss video, and The Art Assignment.

    This one is about the myth that turkey makes you sleepy. It’s a thanksgiving special:

    While Thanksgiving is a time focused mainly on family, friends, and giving thanks, it’s also the cause of a pervasive medical myth: that turkey makes you sleepy. Don’t start with us about the tryptophan. Gah! We know about the tryptophan, and you’re not helping your case.

    It’s your Thanksgiving duty to watch this video and share it with everyone you know. Help us beat down this lie! You owe it to the turkeys.

    Please watch and share! We need support in terms of subscribers and viewers to keep this going!


    • I really enjoyed Don’t Swallow Your Gum. But it was a snore fest compared to this video. I loved it! And now I’ll have something to talk about at Thanksgiving.

    • What happens if you feed your kids sugar and turkey on Thanksgiving? Do they get sleepy or hyper?

    • I don’t care how good a doctor or researcher you are, I think you missed your calling.

    • What time do you eat Thanksgiving dinner???

      If you’re living in Indiana, the parades are over by 1:00 – 2:00 at the latest. So – while the parades are boring in the extreme – they are even less likely to cause your after-meal nap than turkey.

      Propagating one myth to dispel another … shame!

    • One of the things I love about being a policy analyst/researcher is the ability, even obligation, to explode conventional wisdom. Beware, though. It really pisses people off.