• Healthcare Triage: The Sky Isn’t Falling

    If you don’t know already how much I love this episode, then you’re not a fan of the blog:

    Pundits, media types, and curmudgeons like to claim that things were so much better in the “good old days”. They bemoan how kids are all sexed up and ruining everything now. They especially like to make these kinds of claims around the new year. They’re wrong. Things are pretty much better than they’ve ever been, and we’ve got data to prove it. The sky isn’t falling.

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    • Aaron

      I just love this episode as miserable as I consider some days and what I read you give one pause to think like an economist.

      Next time you are in NYC the first beer or what have you is on me.


    • What I don’t understand is why you don’t have a top rated weekly 1 hour TV program on a widely watched network, probably adjacent to something like Mythbusters.

      I’m sure at first Mythbusters would be the lead in to attract more viewers to your show. But it probably wouldn’t be long before the roles were reversed.

    • As a practicing physician, isn’t it kind of criminal to talk about non organic farming as a good thing?

      Massive over use of antibiotics on livestock… not ringing any bells?