Health System Dysfunction

One doesn’t have to look hard to find ways, big and small, in which our health system is far from the best. I’ve had a few battles with insurers and providers to get them to do their jobs. Aaron Carroll has too. His story is so typical and frustrating. It’s hard to summarize in a brief quote so I’ll just give you the conclusion and encourage you to read the rest (warning: it will piss you off, and it should).

I did nothing wrong.  I follow the rules.  I pay my bills.  I go to my appointments.  I remember to refill on time.  I do everything right.  And I’m absolutely screwed.

Best health care system in the world my ass.

And remember, Carroll is a physician and a researcher who studies our health system. If it fails him, even in a small way, imagine what it’s doing to those less able to “work it.”

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