Health Policy in the Blogosphere: Some Attention. How Much Respect?

Some know that the best reporting and analysis of health reform and health policy is in the blogosphere. Since you’re reading this you may believe me. If not, see Harold Pollack’s and Jon Cohn’s last posts on The Treatment blog (which I really miss, by the way). The blogosphere and its contributors have earned some degree of respect, at least in a small circle.

How small is it? According to the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll released today 26% of Americans received some information about the health reform law from blogs and websites not tied to traditional media (do we still call it “main stream”?). Wow! But, only 6% rate non-newspaper based blogs and websites as the most important source. That’s pretty low, but not far behind radio at 9%. (Amazingly, 54% listen to the radio for health reform news but only one-sixth of them consider it of prime importance.)

So blogs/websites are gaining some respect. I take this as a good sign. Should I?

The following figure has some details (click to enlarge).

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