Health economics in the blogosphere

I was asked to submit a column to the ASHEcon [American Society of Health Economists] newsletter on the benefits of health economics blogging. It begins,

“What can a health economics blog do for me?” I get asked this all the time. Family, friends, and colleagues want to know more about the benefits of reading and writing blogs. At the risk of violating good research technique, I’m going to address these issues by extrapolating from a sample of one: me and my life in the blogosphere as a health economist.

And, at the risk of deterring you from reading the rest of this column, I’m going to use good blogging style and give you the punch line right up front: blogging has been both personally and professionally rewarding to me, with benefits that far outweigh the costs.

If you want to know more about why health economists should read blogs and how I have benefited from blogging, see the bottom of page 1 of the Fall 2010 newsletter.

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