Health care social networks

Here’s another paper I don’t have time to read, but might interest you. It caught my eye in part for its treatment of knowledge transfer and diffusion of innovation.

Social Networks of Professionals in Health Care Organizations A Review“, by Stefano Tasselli (Medical Care Research and Review, 2014):

In this article, we provide an overview of social network research in health care, with a focus on social interactions between professionals in organizations. We begin by introducing key concepts defining the social network approach, including network density, centrality, and brokerage. We then review past and current research on the antecedents of health care professionals’ social networks—including demographic attributes, professional groups, and organizational arrangements—and their consequences—including satisfaction at work, leadership, behaviors, knowledge transfer, diffusion of innovation, and performance. Finally, we examine future directions for social network research in health care, focusing on micro–macro linkages and network dynamics.


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